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Active Quests

  • Clear out Old Owl Well. Undead are driving away prospectors. Investigate to find out the cause.
  • Ask Agatha about a spellbook. Agatha is a reclusive but learned banshee in Conyberry.
  • Look for the Lightbringer Mace in Wave Echo Cave.
  • Rescue Gundren’s brother Nundro.
  • Find the Wave Echo Cave. Grunden had a map to Wave Echo Cave. Reidoth will lead the party there.
  • Orc Trouble. Harbin Wester offers 100gp if the party can wipe out the Orks of Wyvern Tor.

Completed Quests

  • Rescue Gundren’s brother Tharden. Tharden was found dead.
  • Drive off Cragmaw Chieftan. Sildar offers 500gp for killing or driving off the Chieftan that resides in Cragmaw Castle.
  • Rescue Grunden. Kidnapped by goblins at the behest of the The Black Spider, reason unknown. Sildar thinks that Grundren is being held at Cragmaw Castle.
  • Cloaks and Masks. the Druid wants us to be careful of the mysterious humans wearing cloaks and masks in the east of Thundertree.
  • Recover Mirna’s Necklace. Hidden in Thundertree.
  • Ask the Townmaster about Orc raiders to the east.
  • Find Reidoth the Druid. Probably knows the location of local lost locations. Last seen in Thundertree.
  • Find Cragmaw Castle. Maybe someone in Phandalin knows?
  • Drive off the Dragon Reidoth the Druid wants us to drive out the dragon to get the location to the Wave Echo Cave
  • Talk to Halia Thorton. The redbrands seem to be terrorizing everyone, but they don’t mess with Halia, maybe she knows more.
  • Rescue the Dendrars. Thel Dendrar, a local woodcarver, was recently murdered by the Redbrand Ruffians, and his wife and children have been kidnapped.
  • Find Thel Dendrar. His body was found in the crevasse.
  • Deal with the Redbrands. It’s pretty obvious that they are thugs not above murder, a confrontation seems inevitable.
  • Find Iarno. Giver: Sildar. Sildar’s original mission was to find Iarno, who was assigned to Phandalin but dropped out of sight two months ago.
  • Talk to Daran Edernath. He is a retired adventure, and may know more about local events.
  • Rescue Sildar. Kidnapped by goblins, reason unknown.
  • Kill Klarg. As part of the deal to rescue the hostage Sildar.
  • Clear the Cragmaw Hideout. Giver: Sildar.
  • Deliver supplies to Phadalin. Giver: Grunden. Reward: 10gp each.
  • Escort Sildar to Phandalin. Giver: Sildar. Reward: 50gp party.
  • Recover the Lionshield supplies. There is likely a reward if supplies are transported from Cragmaw Hideout to Lionshield Coster in Phandalin.
  • Talk to Garaele. Find out why Sister Garaele returned from a recent trip wounded and exhausted.
  • Talk to Carp. Quelline Alderleaf’s son Carp claims to have found a secret tunnel.

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