Session 6b

Farm Ambush and Wave Echo Cave

Entering Wave Echo Cave

The party has finally reached Wave Echo Cave. They intend to rescue Gundren’s brother Nundro, if he is here, and to defeat the Black Spider.

Vyerith’s map shows where the Black Spider is likely located, and the party makes a beeline to that room.

Magic Maze

Using Vyerith’s map as a guide, the PCs navigate a magically protected maze without incident.

1000 XP. Navigated the magic maze using Vyertith’s map.

Dark Pool

The party find the long-dead corpse of a Wizard who died defending these caves.

Treasure. 2 Plat Rings (75gp each), Wand of Magic Missiles (7 charges, boostable to level 3)

North Barracks

The guards in the North Barracks are easy to ambush because they are focused on the threats from the undead in the cave, and not expecting an attack from the direction of the cave entrance.

1000 XP. Defeated 5 Bugbears.

Treasure. 15cp, 13 ep, potion of vitality (cures debuffs, maximizes healing)

Temple of Dumathoin

The Black Spider has made the temple his base of operations. Upon being confronted, he summons 4 giant spiders from the balcony.

The party defeats the evil drow wizard, but not before taking some serious hits.

1250 XP. Defeated Black Spider (Drow Wizard), 4 Giant Spiders

Treasure. Spider Staff (20 charges, Spider Climb, Web), 2xPotion of Healing, 190 ep, 130 gp, 11 pp, gemstones = 90 gp, Dwarven Ale Mug = 100 gp.

Priest’s Quarters

The party discovers and frees the last missing bother, Nundro, here. He has been beaten repeatedly. The party decides to break for a rest here.

200 XP. Rescued Nundro

End of Session


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