Session 4a

Thundertree 3

Brush Clearing

With the dragon vanquished, the PCs have a few goals remaining. First, clear the area of any remaining deadly wildlife. Second, investigate the people skulking about in the east side of town. Third, the necklace mentioned by Mirna.

The first battle is against a mob of twig blights. By now, the party is familiar with them and has countermeasures. Ilvellios’ fire spells make short work of them.

200 XP. Killed 8 Twig Blights.

Next the party disturbes a nest of giant spiders. Spiders hit hard with a deadly paralyzing poison, move fast, and have tough carapaces. Eric absorbs most of their early attacks, but is downed and paralyzed. Ilvelliios is webbed and restrained for a couple terms. Sealson and Typo stay up and mobile, and keep dealing damage. Sealson, a stout halfling, is virtually immune to poison, to his great relief and a spider’s annoyance. Eventually the spiders are routed. The PCs heal up and camp for an hour until Eric can move again.

800 XP. Killed 4 Giant Spiders.

At the old smith, the party encounters 6 ash zombies. Eric turns half away with divine righteousness, and Ilvelliios immobilizes others. One the zombies are scattered, the party can easily avoid the zombie’s ash cloud attacks and achieve an easy victory.

300 XP. Killed 6 Ash Zombies.

The party discovers the ruins of the Herbalist shop, Mirna’s lost family business. Using her directions, they find her family necklace.

Quest complete – find Mirna’s necklace.

Treasure. Mirna’s necklace (200gp)

The Cultists

When the PCs reach the east edge of town, they spy a farmhouse that shows recent work, unlike the other abandoned ruins. They correctly guess that this is the base of the mysterious humans. As they approach the house, no activity is seen. Eric shrugs and knocks. From inside, a single word: “parley!” A quick negotiation, then Valonia and Sealson are allowed entry. The rest wait outside.

The house is occupied by cultists who worship the green dragon. The inside is littered with dragon “fan” paraphernalia. Dragon Beat magazine, cosplay costumes, diaries with “dragon BFF” entries, and so on. The cultists themselves are wearing masks stylized after dragons, and look rather silly.

Valonia chats up the cultists, and accomplishes several things:

  • The cult includes 6 humans. The leader is Favric.
  • Determines that cultists don’t know that the dragon is gone. Sealson somehow avoids blurting out this fact.
  • Discovers that the cultists are wannabees. They leave gifts for the dragon, but the dragon is unimpressed (or oblivious), and tends to attack them on sight.
  • The cultists are terrified of the dragon.
  • Convinces the cultists that the party also loves dragons, and wants to join their cult.
  • Gets the party inducted as initiates, complete with “dragon bff” bracelets (in green, of course)
  • Volunteers the party to deliver the latest offering. This both impresses the cult and allows the party to con them out of some treasure.

After Sealson theatrically performs the offering, the party and the cult part ways. The cultists think that the PCs are allies. The party are convinced that the cultists are idiots, harmless, and will get themselves killed eventually. The cultists did have a little more treasure, including a flying potion, but the party decided that did not justify killing 6 people.

150XP. Bluffing the cultists.

Treasure. 2 diamonds worth 100gp each.

The bigger they are…

To the north of the farmhouse, the party spies some more twig blights. However, Ilvellios detects something new: two unnatural-looking large trees. These are greater blights. The party debates whether the trees can move, as the bushes do.

The party engages the blights at range, using fire as before. And indeed, greater blights can not only move but also throw lesser blights into melee range. Sealson takes a thrown twig blight to the face, but otherwise the party manages to keep distance and down the entire pack without major injury,

Eric, despite his discomfort with his magical Axe ‘Hew’, uses its wood-bane power to great effect.

550XP. Killed 2 Greater Blights (400XP), 6 Twig Blights (150XP).

The PCs find a statue. Lore happens. Everyone shrugs, including the DM.

Lastly, the party clears out the old town guardhouse. It is infested with ash zombies, easily dispatched.

300 XP. Killed 6 Ash Zombies.

The town is now clear. The party returns to Reidoth to recover and plan.

500 XP. Quest complete – clear Thundertree.

Reidoth offers Ilvellios membership into the Emerald Enclave, an order of Druids. (This is a Neverwinter backstory thing.) Ilvellios accepts, and is granted the title of Springwarden (initiate) within the order.

The party heads back to Thundertree.


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