Session 1a


  • Chris as Val the Bard
  • Dan as Joe the Cleric
  • John as Art the Sorceror
  • Ryan as Po the Monk (skadoosh)


The party was hired by Gundren Rockseeker for 10gp each, to escort supplies to Phandalin along the Triboar Trail. Gundren is preparing a new endeavor, and was very excited, but wouldn’t say what it was.
Gundren was travelling a few days ahead of the party, accompanied by Sildar Hallwinter.


PCs discover 2 dead horses felled by black arrows, and then are ambushed by 4 goblins. After driving them off, then determine that the dead horses belonged to Gundren and Sildar. Track markings show that they have been kidnapped.
The party has to make a decision. They are only a half-day from Phandalin, so they could deliver the supplies first, then return. Alternately, they can abandon the supplies and pursue the goblins immediately.

Dan’s character is related to Gundren. He RPs that he will pursue the goblins no matter what, and gets an inspiration point.


PCs decide to pursue the fleeing goblins back to Cragmaw Hideout.
Other than a couple simple traps, the pursuit is uneventful until the players reach the cave.

300 XP. Story milestone – discovery of Cragmaw hideout.

Session 1b
Not caving to pressure


The PCs trick and ambush 2 goblin guards at the mouth of the cave. Art explodes them both into icy chunks.


Inside the cave are 3 wolves chained up. They are ferocious, but Po calms them with his wolf-whispering skills (i.e meaty treats). The party releases the wolves, who depart the cave.


The party moves through the cave and encounters 6 goblins, including Yeemik, who is holding Sildar Hallwinter hostage. Val uses Charm Person to cut a deal. Yeemik wants to runs the gang but can’t defeat the boss, Klarg. If the PCs kill Klarg, they can take Sildar.

Yeemik is a dirtbag, and would have betrayed the players after Klarg was killed, of course. But while under the Charm spell, he will honor his side of the deal. Good job, Chris.


The PCs proceed to a bridge over the cave stream, and dispatch the single goblin with a single arrow.


The PCs discover the flooding pool room, and defeat the 3 goblins there.


The party reaches the “throne room” (throne not included), containing a bugbear (Klarg), wolf (Ripper), and 2 goblins. Klarg is insane, angry, and big. He ignores all attempts to debate and bashes Po into unconsciousness. Ripper meanwhile bites Joe and knocks him out. Half the party is down.

Val heals Joe back into the fight, and Joe heals Po. Art lobs all his magic firepower at Klarg, wounding him. The rest of the recovered party focuses on Klarg, flanking him and eventually taking him down.

Ripper is killed shortly after, as well as one goblin. The last goblin, wounded and trapped, panics and jumps down a fissure. Alas for him, that fissure is 30 feet to a rocky floor, and gravity is a harsh, fatal mistress.

The room contains 100gp of stolen supplies belonging to Lionshield Coster in Phandalin.

Treasure. 600cp, 110sp, 2 potions of healing, 1 frog statuette worth 40gp.

1100 XP. Story milestone – defeated Klarg

The party levels to 2nd level

Rescuing Sildar

The party returns to Yeemik and, as promised, he gives them Sildar and lets them go.

The PCs escort Sildar out of the cave safely. But since the goblins are an ongoing threat to shipping, the PCs return to the cave to kill them.

Note: This may a breach of an honest deal, is pending review of the Lawful Good Investigating Committee of Adventuring Ethics.


Yeemik and his crew (6 goblins total) are dispatched with brutal efficiency by the now 2nd level players.

Note: This may be a breach of fair sport (see subsection 4.3 – baby seal clubbing), and is pending review of by People for the Ethical Treatment of Mooks.

Treasure. 4gp, 15sp.

The Hideout is now clear. Sildar provides some quest and clue details. See quests section.

Session 2a
Home sweet Phandalin


After the first session, the players switched from pre-gens to rolled characters, so we have an all new roster.


The party successfully cleared Cragmaw Hideout. While they didn’t find their kidnapped employer, Gundren Rockseeker, they did rescue Sildar Hallwinter. Sildar knows Gundren, and discloses that Gundren has found the lost Wave Echo Cave. Sildar will reward the party for escorting him to Phandalin, and will also assist the party afterwards.

The party starts play when they enter Phadalin.

Quest complete: – Escort Sildar to Phandalin

Treasure: 50gp party.

Phandalin is the campaign’s main quest hub, so much of their time here will be spent talking to locals.

Settling in

It is late, not much can be done except get lodging for the night. Sildar suggests Stonehill Inn, and the players agree. Luckily for them, it is a busy night, so talking to the locals yields lots of rumors.

Valonia attempts to entertain to pay her way, it doesn’t go over well. Undeterred, she mingles with the crowd and finds all kinds of rumors.

New Quest: Find out why Sister Garaele returned from a recent trip wounded and exhausted.
New Quest: Talk to Daran Edernath. He is a retired adventure, and may know more about local events.
New Quest: Ask the Townmaster about Orc raiders to the east.
New Quest: Rescue the Dendrars. Thel Dendrar, a local woodcarver, was recently murdered by the Redbrand Ruffians, and his wife and children have been kidnapped. Recover his body and rescue his family.
New Quest: Quelline Alderleaf’s son Carp about a secret tunnel he claims to have found.
New Quest: Find out move about the Redbrands, who seem to be terrorizing the town. They don’t mess with Halia Thorton, maybe she knows more.

The players turn in for an uneventful sleep.

Session 2b
Walking the Town

Turning in the caravan supplies

The players first morning stop is Barthen’s Provisions. Barthen is thankful that the supplies have been delivered.

He hates the Redbrand Ruffians, and warns the characters to stay away from the Sleeping Giant Taphouse.

Quest complete – deliver supplies.

Treasure – 50gp party

Turning in the rescued supplies

Next, the PCs return the stolen supplies to Lionshield Coster. Valonia loves the selection of great hats and buys a peacock feathered number.

Quest complete – deliver supplies.

Treasure – 50gp party

Visiting the Shrine of Luck

The party visits the Shrine of Luck to find out what happened to Sister Garaele.

Quest complete – talk to Sister Garaele.

Sister Garaele describes her visit to Conyberry, where a reclusive banshee named Agatha lives. Sister Garaele seeks the location of a lost spellbook that Agatha once possessed. While Agatha didn’t appear to the Sister, Garaele has procured a jeweled silver comb and asks the party to try. (Banshees are notoriously vain.) If the party can get any clues from Agatha, Garaele will give the party 3 potions.

New Quest – ask the banshee Agatha about spellbook.

Visiting Alderleaf Farm

The characters head to Alderleaf farm to talk to the boy Carp Aldeleaf. Carp’s mother is Quelline Alderleaf, a kindly and wise halfling. Carp gives directions to a secret tunnel he found. It is likely that the tunnel is a secret entrance to Tresendar Manor ruins, and just as likely the ruins are the headquarters of the Redbrands.

Quelline also suggests that the PCs track down Reidoth, a local druid who knows the local area better than anyone. He may help the party find Cragmaw Castle and/or Wave Echo Cave. He was last seen in Thundertree.

Quest Complete – talk to Carp.
New Quest – find Reidoth the druid in Thundertree.

Edermath Orchard

Quelline also suggests that the characters visit the nearby Edermath Orchard to talk to Daran Edernath, a retired adventurer. He know a lot about the local goings on.

Daran is a retired Paladin, and has taken up painting (badly) as a hobby. His pictures almost universally self-portraints of him smiting foul creatures in gruesomely detailed fashion.

Daran wants the characters to take a stand and dismantle the Redbrands. He knows much about them, including:

In addition, Daran explains that prospectors are being driven away from Old Owl Well by undead. Oddly, the undead just seem to drive off people and don’t pursue outside the immediate area.

Quest Complete – Talk to Daran Edernath.
New Quest – Clear out Old Owl Well.

At this point the players have a full plate, and decide to go to Tresendar Manor to end the Redbrand menace.

Session 2c
Delving the Undermanor

Time to party

It is time to attack the Redbrands at their headquarters beneath Tresendar Manor. While the primary goal is to rescue the kidnapped Dendrars, there are many secondary goals. It is also obvious that the Redbrands are quite evil and worth destroying on principal. The party will use the secret passage they learned from Carp to enter the manor.

This session is a fairly standard dungeon crawl. I’ll only provide details when notable things happened.

Tunnel Entrance

The party defeats 4 Redbrand Ruffians who are guarding the secret tunnel. Eric and Sealson argue about the best approach. Eric tends towards the “smash evil” school, Sealson would prefer they given a chance to repent. In the end, Eric strides into battle brandishing his mace, and the ruffians are dispatched. Even though one of the Redbrands surrenders, he is dispatched.

One of Sealson’s flaws is a kind heart, and it will be a constant concern during the delve. Also, the PCs take the signature red cloaks from the corpses, but never use them. Subtlety is not a strength of the party.

400 XP. 4 Ruffians.


The Crevasse includes a trapped bridge and a lurking Nothic. The party detects the first, and converses with the latter. In the end, while the Nothic is evil, the PCs choose to live and let live. The crevasse remains unexplored, as the Nothic obviously lives there.

100 XP. Avoided trap.

450 XP. Roleplaying a truce with Nothic.


A storeroom with two secret doors. One cannot be opened as it is one-way. The PCs enter the other one.

bg). In what becomes running joke, Season makes amazing perception rolls despite having a -1 modifier.

Treasure. 60gp of beaver pelts


A locked armory that the PCs break into without problem. Full of mundane armor and weapons.


These are ancestral crypts flanked by three skeletons. Typo immediately detects that they are undead guardians, even though they don’t move. The skeletons have been ordered to ignore people wearing red cloaks. Sobbing can be heard in the next room.

While the rest of the team confers, Eric again seizes initiative by walking in and simply bashing a skeleton in the head. The skeletons are defeated although the party takes some damage. When asked, Eric justifies his actions as “I hate skeletons.” This worries Sealson, who exclaims “but I have a skeleton!”

150 XP. 3 Skeletons.

Sealson makes another amazing perception roll. In the next room are two Ruffians who were alerted by the battle, and readying an ambush.

Slave Pens

Eric barrels through the door into a roll, turning the tables. The doorway is a natural bottleneck, but eventually the PCs force their way inside and kill the Ruffians. Illvelios the Druid takes a critical hit, but luckily is in Wolf form, takes little permanent damage.

Sealson claims a setback, per our Inspiration houserules, and fumbles an attack. He’s not OK with this ruthlessness and ambushing, and his hesitation is impacting his fighting.

200 XP. 2 Ruffians.

In the pen are the missing Drendrar family: Mirna, Nars and Nilsa. They tell the PCs what little they know:

  • the leader is a wizard named Glasstaff
  • he has bugbears working for him

Mirna asks the party to recover his husband’s body if possible. In thanks, she also tells them of a hidden family heirloom, an emerald necklace in her old home in Thundertree. She tells the characters where it is hidden, and says that she may have it.

The PCs escort the family to the exit.

Quest Complete. Rescued the Drendrars

100 XP. Rescued the Drendrars

New Quest – recover Mirna’s Hierloom in Thundertree.

Trapped Hallway

This hallway seems lightly used and has suspicious contents: crutches, a litter, rope, and splints. While alerted, the party fails all search rolls, and Eric falls into a 20’ pit trap. Illvelios attempts to get across and also falls in. This trap ends up doing more damage than any enemies.

It turns out that the medical supplies were placed for convenience, as drunk Redbrands themselves routinely fell into the pit. It is a really good trap.

100 XP. Survived trap.

Cellar Entrance

Past the hallway is the normal entrance to this dungeon. It is full of stocks. A large cistern collects drainwater from above. The players search the cistern and find a getaway satchel.

Treasure. Waterproof satchel, potion of healing, potion of invisibility, 50gp, travel clothing.


The party ambushes resting soldiers in the next room. Despite surrendering (and Sealson’s protests), the Redbrands are all killed.

300 XP. 3 Ruffians.

Treasure. 28sp, 12gp, 15ep, 2 garnets with 10gp each.

Common Room

Four drunk Redbrands are gambling here. They are shown no mercy.

400 XP. 4 Ruffians.

Treasure. 75cp, 55sp, 22ep, 15gp, earring worth 30gp

Session End

The group is a little battered but healthy, in the Common Room. There are two unopened doors, one to the north and one to the south. A bubbling sound is heard through the north door. There are no visible enemies, and the party is undetected (as far as they know).

Based on Eric’s bloodthirsty temperament, we decided that the Domain of Life wasn’t a good fit. Eric is now a Cleric of War. :)

Session 3a
Undermanor Cont.

Bugbears in the Barracks

When last session ended, the party had almost finished sweeping Tresandar Manor’s basement of the evil Redbrands. There are two unopened doors, and the sneaky Nothic is still a concern.

At the door to the north, a bubbling sound can be heard. Other than “it’s probably not a tar pit,” no deductions are made.

A trend begins here. The party stubbornly commits to failing every possible Arcana, Investigation, and Perception check that they can. They also seem to lack any Languages that can be helpful.

At the door to the south, goblinoid voices can be heard. But no one understands Goblin language. It sounds like someone is being bullied, maybe?

The players continue the tradition of brute force, do burst into the south room. This turns out to be a barracks containing Bugbears that are bullying a small goblin. When combat begins, the goblin immediately pees itself and faints.

The lead Bugbear, named Mosk, wears a jewel encrusted eyepatch (even though both his eyes work) and speaks in a cockney accent. “’Er whats all this then?” He also packs a mean punch and knocks Sealson out with a single swing of his morningstar.

As Ilvellios tends to Sealson, the party trades blows with the bugbears.Valonia attempts to inspires the PCs with music, but mostly this just enrages Mosk who bellows “I HATE ART!” Eventually the party’s superior numbers win the day, and Mosk’s last words are “Bollocks!”

600 XP. 3 Bugbears

Treasure. 33 sp, eyepatch of semiprecious stones worth 50gp.

The party interrogates the Goblin, named Droop. He’s a wretched, cowardly creature who knows very little and can accomplish even less. The party eventually just lets him go free.

Glasstaff’s Abode

The party now bashes through the door to the north. This turns out to be nothing more than an alchemy laboratory. Well, that’s that the party, not being versed in magic or alchemy, figure it is. Shrug.

There’s a fancy book in a bookshelf. It looks Dwarvish. Not being conversant in Dwarvish either, the PCs simply admire the pretty pictures in the book. There’s a swanky picture of a Mace.

There’s also a mouse here. For reasons unclear, the mouse nearly incites player-on-player violence, as the players try to both catch it and smash it at the same time. In the chaos, the mouse escapes.

Treasure. 3 vials of reagents (nightshade, dragon’s bile, mercury), worth 25gp ea.

Seeking further targets of violence, the team barrels through a door to the east. This is Glasstaff’s bedroom, also empty. Despite the team’s best effort, they manage to detect an ajar secret door. They recognize it as the one-way door they found previously. Among other hints, a hot cup of tea hints that Glasstaff just fled. The players pursue.

Nothic 2: eye harder

Glasstaff flees through the Crevasse. As he passes the Nothic, the evil mage instructs the Nothic to attack the party. Truce broken, the Nothic partially rots Eric’s face. However, the beast is no match for the party and is quickly dispatched.

Ilvellios shapeshifts into Wolf form and catches up with Glasstaff. He is discovered at the cistern, desperately fishing for the ‘go bag’ that the party previously looted. Upon being surrounded (and bitten by a wolf), Glasstaff surrenders immediately.

200 XP. Glasstaff

Treasure. Staff of Defense, 180sp, 130gp, 5 carnelians @ 10gp ea, 2 peridots @ 15 ea, 1 pearl @ 100 gp, scroll of charm person, scroll of fireball


Glasstaff is a civilized and pragmatic man, who is more than willing to tell all to save his own skin. It’s immediately obvious that is actually the missing Iarno Albreck that Sildar is seeking. He provides some more details about the Black Spider, including that he is a Drow and is seeking Wave Echo Cave. Materials found in Iarno’s study confirms this.

The mouse turns out to be Iarno’s familiar. In case you were wondering about that.

Iarno also deciphers the Dwarvish book, providing some history of Wave Echo Cave. The Mace is Lightbringer, a magic artifact that was lost and is likely in the Cave.

The party searches the Nothic’s Lair and finds the corpse of Mirna’s husband, Thel Dendrar. The Nothic’s stash also includes some treasure.

Treasure. 160sp, 120gp, 5 malachite gems worth 15gp ea., 2 potions of healing, scroll of augury, +1 longsword “Talon”, previously owned by knight Sir Aldith Tresendar.

The party returns to town, along with Iarno and Thel’s remains. Iarno is placed in the local jail.

Back in Phandalin

200 XP, 200 GP. Quest complete: discover fate of Iarno

Now back in town, the party visits the last place they had previously skipped: the Miner’s Exchange. This powerful business works with local prospectors, the most prosperous trade in the area. It is owned by Halia Thorton, a severe human woman of obvious ambition.

Halia is delighted that Glasstaff has been removed from the picture, and rewards the players.

100 GP. Quest complete: eliminate the leader of the Redbrands.

The players perceive Halia to be less than altruistic. They guess that she seeks power and viewed the Redbrands as rivals. A problem for another time, perhaps.

Campaign Chapter 2 Complete!

Session 3b

Undermanor Cont.

To Thundertree

Now that the Redbrands have been defeated, the party seeks Reidoth, a local druid. Hopefully he can help them find several lost locations, including Cragmaw Castle and Wave Echo Cave. Reidoth was last seen in Thundertree, 50 miles to the north of Phandalin.

Thundertree was overrun by undead from a local volcano. It was abandoned decades ago. It is also the ex-home of Mirna, who promises that a valuable necklace can be found there.

The party travels to Thundertree without incident. Most of the town is in ruins. It turns out to also be infested.

Attack of the mini-treants

While investigating the ruins, the party is attacked by a pack of twig blights, which resemble nothing as much as feral mobile bushes with craws. While the blights have strength of numbers, they are vulnerable to fire spells dished out by Ilvellios.

200 XP. 10 Twig Blights

Treasure. 700cp, 160sp, 90gp

Ash Zombies

Another threat is uncovered. A new strain of undead, called Ash Zombies attacks the player. When hit, these creatures expel a cloud of disabling ash. Eric is stricken, but the party overcomes.

Eric is the party’s #1 face tanker. He tanks monsters. With his face.

200 XP. 4 Ash Zombies

Session 3c
Thundertree 2: Reidoth

Reidoth the Druid

Spying a building in suspiciously good shape, including a newly barred door, the party knocks politely. The door is opened by Reidoth.

First impressions go badly. Reidoth feels the party are a bunch of “adventurer tourists” who will only get themselves killed. Not that he cares too much, he’s got other things to worry about.

Reidoth knows the local area better than anyone, and provides directions to Cragmaw castle. However, he won’t give up Wave Echo Cave without a price.

If the players can drive off a young green dragon that resides in Thundertree, Reidoth will guide them to Wave Echo Cave. The party agrees. “Your funeral. I’m just saying that when you die, I won’t be burying you.”

In parting, Reidoth also mentions that even more threats exist in Thundertree. Giant Spiders hunt in the area, and some mysterious humans have been skulking around the east side of town. “They wear black cloaks and masks, I don’t know what their deal is.”

Venomfang (the Dragon)

Venomfang (the party never learns his name) is a young green dragon who is trying to establish a lair in Thundertree. His home is a 40’, single-room stone tower with an attached cottage. When he moved in, he ripped the top off of the tower and killed the previous tenants: some giant spiders.

As the party approaches, Venomfang is obvious, as he is obsessively counting his treasure while curled up in the bottom of the tower. The PCs cluster up in the cottage. A single door stands between the characters and a freakin’ dragon.

The party goes all-in, and makes an ambush charge.

This is the right call. In a straight fight, the dragon would obliterate the party. The dragon can fly at will, and the party has few ranged options. The goal isn’t to kill the dragon, but simply to hurt it on the ground, and maybe drive it off.

Things break the party’s way. They surprise the dragon on the ground, and it rolls a low initiative. The party ends up getting two complete rounds before it can react. Even with Sealson‘s Assassin critical hit, they can’t kill it in two rounds.

Venomfang vaults up to a nearby crossbeam, expelling both obscenities and the feared dragon breath attack. The poison breath washes over the entire party, gravely wounded some and knocking the others unconscious. The evil serpent gloats and taunts the players.

Valonia makes a desperation Bluff play, promising vast riches if the Dragon spares them. Alas, even a young dragon is very smart and crafty, and sees through the bluff. He describes how he will flay the flesh from their bones.

The party scrambles to retreat. A few emergency heal spells, and the party is back up, and manages to take shelter in the adjoined cottage. They cower in that single small room waiting for the (likely fatal) counterattack.

A roar, falling stonework, and then… silence. The attack never comes, the dragon has fled.

Venomfang was critically wounded. He was bluffing, intimidating the party into retreating so that he could make a run for it. The entire party had failed Insight checks, so they ran first.

For this kind of fight, a draw is a win. The dragon has been driven away, and that’s all that matters. This secures the party both Reidoth’s favor as well as a dragon’s treasure stash.

2000 XP. Drove away Venomfang the dragon.

Treasure. 150gp, 800sp, 4 silver worth 60gp each, scroll of misty step, scroll of lightning bolt, +1 battleaxe named “Hew."

Eric is conflicted about this battleaxe, Hew. It’s a formidable weapon, but Eric is a wood elf and this weapon opposes his nature.

The party is wounded but alive. They retreat to Reidoth’s cabin to rest.

End of Session

Session 4a
Thundertree 3

Brush Clearing

With the dragon vanquished, the PCs have a few goals remaining. First, clear the area of any remaining deadly wildlife. Second, investigate the people skulking about in the east side of town. Third, the necklace mentioned by Mirna.

The first battle is against a mob of twig blights. By now, the party is familiar with them and has countermeasures. Ilvellios’ fire spells make short work of them.

200 XP. Killed 8 Twig Blights.

Next the party disturbes a nest of giant spiders. Spiders hit hard with a deadly paralyzing poison, move fast, and have tough carapaces. Eric absorbs most of their early attacks, but is downed and paralyzed. Ilvelliios is webbed and restrained for a couple terms. Sealson and Typo stay up and mobile, and keep dealing damage. Sealson, a stout halfling, is virtually immune to poison, to his great relief and a spider’s annoyance. Eventually the spiders are routed. The PCs heal up and camp for an hour until Eric can move again.

800 XP. Killed 4 Giant Spiders.

At the old smith, the party encounters 6 ash zombies. Eric turns half away with divine righteousness, and Ilvelliios immobilizes others. One the zombies are scattered, the party can easily avoid the zombie’s ash cloud attacks and achieve an easy victory.

300 XP. Killed 6 Ash Zombies.

The party discovers the ruins of the Herbalist shop, Mirna’s lost family business. Using her directions, they find her family necklace.

Quest complete – find Mirna’s necklace.

Treasure. Mirna’s necklace (200gp)

The Cultists

When the PCs reach the east edge of town, they spy a farmhouse that shows recent work, unlike the other abandoned ruins. They correctly guess that this is the base of the mysterious humans. As they approach the house, no activity is seen. Eric shrugs and knocks. From inside, a single word: “parley!” A quick negotiation, then Valonia and Sealson are allowed entry. The rest wait outside.

The house is occupied by cultists who worship the green dragon. The inside is littered with dragon “fan” paraphernalia. Dragon Beat magazine, cosplay costumes, diaries with “dragon BFF” entries, and so on. The cultists themselves are wearing masks stylized after dragons, and look rather silly.

Valonia chats up the cultists, and accomplishes several things:

  • The cult includes 6 humans. The leader is Favric.
  • Determines that cultists don’t know that the dragon is gone. Sealson somehow avoids blurting out this fact.
  • Discovers that the cultists are wannabees. They leave gifts for the dragon, but the dragon is unimpressed (or oblivious), and tends to attack them on sight.
  • The cultists are terrified of the dragon.
  • Convinces the cultists that the party also loves dragons, and wants to join their cult.
  • Gets the party inducted as initiates, complete with “dragon bff” bracelets (in green, of course)
  • Volunteers the party to deliver the latest offering. This both impresses the cult and allows the party to con them out of some treasure.

After Sealson theatrically performs the offering, the party and the cult part ways. The cultists think that the PCs are allies. The party are convinced that the cultists are idiots, harmless, and will get themselves killed eventually. The cultists did have a little more treasure, including a flying potion, but the party decided that did not justify killing 6 people.

150XP. Bluffing the cultists.

Treasure. 2 diamonds worth 100gp each.

The bigger they are…

To the north of the farmhouse, the party spies some more twig blights. However, Ilvellios detects something new: two unnatural-looking large trees. These are greater blights. The party debates whether the trees can move, as the bushes do.

The party engages the blights at range, using fire as before. And indeed, greater blights can not only move but also throw lesser blights into melee range. Sealson takes a thrown twig blight to the face, but otherwise the party manages to keep distance and down the entire pack without major injury,

Eric, despite his discomfort with his magical Axe ‘Hew’, uses its wood-bane power to great effect.

550XP. Killed 2 Greater Blights (400XP), 6 Twig Blights (150XP).

The PCs find a statue. Lore happens. Everyone shrugs, including the DM.

Lastly, the party clears out the old town guardhouse. It is infested with ash zombies, easily dispatched.

300 XP. Killed 6 Ash Zombies.

The town is now clear. The party returns to Reidoth to recover and plan.

500 XP. Quest complete – clear Thundertree.

Reidoth offers Ilvellios membership into the Emerald Enclave, an order of Druids. (This is a Neverwinter backstory thing.) Ilvellios accepts, and is granted the title of Springwarden (initiate) within the order.

The party heads back to Thundertree.

Session 4b
On to Cragmaw

Again Phandalin

The party travels back to Phandalin without incident.

When there, they inform Mirna that they’ve recovered the necklace. She promised it to the party as a reward, and she holds up that promise. However, the PCs can tell by her demeanor that the necklace is important to her, and gives it to her. She breaks down in tears of joy while saying “you are truly the most noble of heroes. Thank you!”

The PCs consider their next move. They decide to rescue Gundren Rockseeker now that they know the location of Cragmaw Castle. It is several days travel to the east, through the dangerous region called Triboar Trail. The trail was once a prosperous trade path, but is now overrun by Cragmaw raiders.

During the first day of the journey, the party is ambushed by stirges. These foul beasts are like oversized vampire bats. Striges attack in numbers from above and attempt to latch onto prey to suck their blood. While stirges are numerous, they are little challenge for an experienced party.

300 XP. Defeated 12 stirges.

During the 2nd night, the party is assaulted by hungry wolves. Ilvellios is on watch. After raising the alarm, Ilvellios shapeshifts into a wolf, causing no small amount of confusion in the melee. Wolves are deadly, but fragile, so the PCs take some damage but eventually kill the wolves.

250 XP. Defeated 5 wolves.

At the middle of the third day, the party arrives at Cragmaw castle. The castle was built long ago by a mage-noble of a now fallen empire. Most of the castle has collapsed and is in ruins. The Cragmaw gang now occupies it, and that has done no favors for the quality of the castle.

End of Session


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