Session 5

Raiding Cragmaw Castle


The party has arrived at Cragmaw Castle. They believe that Gundren Rockseeker is being held captive here. Unfortunately, the castle is the main stronghold of the Cragmaw Tribe. Resistance will be significant. It’s not all bad, the castle is in ruins providing many entrances, and goblinoids are famously sloppy guards.

The PCs wait until nightfall, then stealthily search for an unguarded entrance. After a near calamity that shows some PCs are less stealthy than others, Sealson discovers an entry point in the north side of the castle.


What follows is a series of running battles. The party takes some licks, and dishes plenty out.

Guard Barracks

400 XP. Defeated 4 hobgoblins.

Kings Quarters

The party meets the king of the tribe, and rescues Gundren. A female drow flees the scene and escapes.
bugbear (King Grol) – 200XP
wolf (Snarl) – 50 XP
2 hobgoblins – 200 XP

450 XP. Defeated enemies.

Treasure. 220sp, 160ep, 3 pots of healing, Gundren’s map.

200 XP. Rescued Gundren.

Owlbear Tower

700 XP. Defeated Owlbear.

Treasure. 90ep, 120gp, pot of healing, scroll of silence, scroll of revivify.

Banquet Hall

8 goblins
2 hobgoblins

600 XP. Defeated enemies.

Eric almost opens a trapped door, but Valonia deduces that it is trapped. There were two giveaways. First, the door was almost pristine, compared to the worn nature of all other doors. Second, when the goblins routed, they didn’t head for the door, they took more dangerous paths, such as over rubble. The trap would have released tons of boulders from a concealed ceiling.

100 XP. Avoided cave-in trap.

Ruined barracks and archer post

500 XP. Defeated 10 goblins.

Dark Hall

The party is ambushed by a Grick, who mauls Valonia and puts her on death’s door in a single attack. The rest of the party kills the Grick, but Valonia seems mentally scarred by the experience. She has discovered that nearly dying hurts a lot and is scary!

450 XP. Defeated a grick.

Treasure. Statuette of Augury (100gp).

Goblin Shrine

A standard defiled shrine. Goblins love defiling things.

250 XP. Defeated 5 goblins.

Treasure. Chalice (150gp), Knife (60gp), and Censer (120gp).

Goblin Shrine

A standard defiled shrine. Goblins love defiling things.

250 XP. Defeated 5 goblins.


Treasure. Sildar Hallwinter’s missing gear. Fancy but mundane chain main, longsword.

Hobgoblin Barracks

This battle is notable because the party forgoes brute force and plans an ambush! It goes well and the hobgoblins are crushed.

600 XP. Defeated 6 hobgoblins.

Archer post

200 XP. Defeated 4 goblins.


As the party finishes in the castle, they hear the calling horn of a returning warband. This warband is far too large for the PCs to fight, and they have no need to parley, so the party retreats into the forest before they are discovered.

The castle is clear, and Gundren has been rescued. The myserious drow is nowhere to be seen. The party’s main remaining goals are:

  • Talk to Gundren.
  • Enter wave echo cave.
  • Optionally return Sildar’s gear.
  • Optionally complete any remaining side quests.


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