Session 3b


Undermanor Cont.

To Thundertree

Now that the Redbrands have been defeated, the party seeks Reidoth, a local druid. Hopefully he can help them find several lost locations, including Cragmaw Castle and Wave Echo Cave. Reidoth was last seen in Thundertree, 50 miles to the north of Phandalin.

Thundertree was overrun by undead from a local volcano. It was abandoned decades ago. It is also the ex-home of Mirna, who promises that a valuable necklace can be found there.

The party travels to Thundertree without incident. Most of the town is in ruins. It turns out to also be infested.

Attack of the mini-treants

While investigating the ruins, the party is attacked by a pack of twig blights, which resemble nothing as much as feral mobile bushes with craws. While the blights have strength of numbers, they are vulnerable to fire spells dished out by Ilvellios.

200 XP. 10 Twig Blights

Treasure. 700cp, 160sp, 90gp

Ash Zombies

Another threat is uncovered. A new strain of undead, called Ash Zombies attacks the player. When hit, these creatures expel a cloud of disabling ash. Eric is stricken, but the party overcomes.

Eric is the party’s #1 face tanker. He tanks monsters. With his face.

200 XP. 4 Ash Zombies


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