Session 3a

Undermanor Cont.

Bugbears in the Barracks

When last session ended, the party had almost finished sweeping Tresandar Manor’s basement of the evil Redbrands. There are two unopened doors, and the sneaky Nothic is still a concern.

At the door to the north, a bubbling sound can be heard. Other than “it’s probably not a tar pit,” no deductions are made.

A trend begins here. The party stubbornly commits to failing every possible Arcana, Investigation, and Perception check that they can. They also seem to lack any Languages that can be helpful.

At the door to the south, goblinoid voices can be heard. But no one understands Goblin language. It sounds like someone is being bullied, maybe?

The players continue the tradition of brute force, do burst into the south room. This turns out to be a barracks containing Bugbears that are bullying a small goblin. When combat begins, the goblin immediately pees itself and faints.

The lead Bugbear, named Mosk, wears a jewel encrusted eyepatch (even though both his eyes work) and speaks in a cockney accent. “’Er whats all this then?” He also packs a mean punch and knocks Sealson out with a single swing of his morningstar.

As Ilvellios tends to Sealson, the party trades blows with the bugbears.Valonia attempts to inspires the PCs with music, but mostly this just enrages Mosk who bellows “I HATE ART!” Eventually the party’s superior numbers win the day, and Mosk’s last words are “Bollocks!”

600 XP. 3 Bugbears

Treasure. 33 sp, eyepatch of semiprecious stones worth 50gp.

The party interrogates the Goblin, named Droop. He’s a wretched, cowardly creature who knows very little and can accomplish even less. The party eventually just lets him go free.

Glasstaff’s Abode

The party now bashes through the door to the north. This turns out to be nothing more than an alchemy laboratory. Well, that’s that the party, not being versed in magic or alchemy, figure it is. Shrug.

There’s a fancy book in a bookshelf. It looks Dwarvish. Not being conversant in Dwarvish either, the PCs simply admire the pretty pictures in the book. There’s a swanky picture of a Mace.

There’s also a mouse here. For reasons unclear, the mouse nearly incites player-on-player violence, as the players try to both catch it and smash it at the same time. In the chaos, the mouse escapes.

Treasure. 3 vials of reagents (nightshade, dragon’s bile, mercury), worth 25gp ea.

Seeking further targets of violence, the team barrels through a door to the east. This is Glasstaff’s bedroom, also empty. Despite the team’s best effort, they manage to detect an ajar secret door. They recognize it as the one-way door they found previously. Among other hints, a hot cup of tea hints that Glasstaff just fled. The players pursue.

Nothic 2: eye harder

Glasstaff flees through the Crevasse. As he passes the Nothic, the evil mage instructs the Nothic to attack the party. Truce broken, the Nothic partially rots Eric’s face. However, the beast is no match for the party and is quickly dispatched.

Ilvellios shapeshifts into Wolf form and catches up with Glasstaff. He is discovered at the cistern, desperately fishing for the ‘go bag’ that the party previously looted. Upon being surrounded (and bitten by a wolf), Glasstaff surrenders immediately.

200 XP. Glasstaff

Treasure. Staff of Defense, 180sp, 130gp, 5 carnelians @ 10gp ea, 2 peridots @ 15 ea, 1 pearl @ 100 gp, scroll of charm person, scroll of fireball


Glasstaff is a civilized and pragmatic man, who is more than willing to tell all to save his own skin. It’s immediately obvious that is actually the missing Iarno Albreck that Sildar is seeking. He provides some more details about the Black Spider, including that he is a Drow and is seeking Wave Echo Cave. Materials found in Iarno’s study confirms this.

The mouse turns out to be Iarno’s familiar. In case you were wondering about that.

Iarno also deciphers the Dwarvish book, providing some history of Wave Echo Cave. The Mace is Lightbringer, a magic artifact that was lost and is likely in the Cave.

The party searches the Nothic’s Lair and finds the corpse of Mirna’s husband, Thel Dendrar. The Nothic’s stash also includes some treasure.

Treasure. 160sp, 120gp, 5 malachite gems worth 15gp ea., 2 potions of healing, scroll of augury, +1 longsword “Talon”, previously owned by knight Sir Aldith Tresendar.

The party returns to town, along with Iarno and Thel’s remains. Iarno is placed in the local jail.

Back in Phandalin

200 XP, 200 GP. Quest complete: discover fate of Iarno

Now back in town, the party visits the last place they had previously skipped: the Miner’s Exchange. This powerful business works with local prospectors, the most prosperous trade in the area. It is owned by Halia Thorton, a severe human woman of obvious ambition.

Halia is delighted that Glasstaff has been removed from the picture, and rewards the players.

100 GP. Quest complete: eliminate the leader of the Redbrands.

The players perceive Halia to be less than altruistic. They guess that she seeks power and viewed the Redbrands as rivals. A problem for another time, perhaps.

Campaign Chapter 2 Complete!


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