Session 2c

Delving the Undermanor

Time to party

It is time to attack the Redbrands at their headquarters beneath Tresendar Manor. While the primary goal is to rescue the kidnapped Dendrars, there are many secondary goals. It is also obvious that the Redbrands are quite evil and worth destroying on principal. The party will use the secret passage they learned from Carp to enter the manor.

This session is a fairly standard dungeon crawl. I’ll only provide details when notable things happened.

Tunnel Entrance

The party defeats 4 Redbrand Ruffians who are guarding the secret tunnel. Eric and Sealson argue about the best approach. Eric tends towards the “smash evil” school, Sealson would prefer they given a chance to repent. In the end, Eric strides into battle brandishing his mace, and the ruffians are dispatched. Even though one of the Redbrands surrenders, he is dispatched.

One of Sealson’s flaws is a kind heart, and it will be a constant concern during the delve. Also, the PCs take the signature red cloaks from the corpses, but never use them. Subtlety is not a strength of the party.

400 XP. 4 Ruffians.


The Crevasse includes a trapped bridge and a lurking Nothic. The party detects the first, and converses with the latter. In the end, while the Nothic is evil, the PCs choose to live and let live. The crevasse remains unexplored, as the Nothic obviously lives there.

100 XP. Avoided trap.

450 XP. Roleplaying a truce with Nothic.


A storeroom with two secret doors. One cannot be opened as it is one-way. The PCs enter the other one.

bg). In what becomes running joke, Season makes amazing perception rolls despite having a -1 modifier.

Treasure. 60gp of beaver pelts


A locked armory that the PCs break into without problem. Full of mundane armor and weapons.


These are ancestral crypts flanked by three skeletons. Typo immediately detects that they are undead guardians, even though they don’t move. The skeletons have been ordered to ignore people wearing red cloaks. Sobbing can be heard in the next room.

While the rest of the team confers, Eric again seizes initiative by walking in and simply bashing a skeleton in the head. The skeletons are defeated although the party takes some damage. When asked, Eric justifies his actions as “I hate skeletons.” This worries Sealson, who exclaims “but I have a skeleton!”

150 XP. 3 Skeletons.

Sealson makes another amazing perception roll. In the next room are two Ruffians who were alerted by the battle, and readying an ambush.

Slave Pens

Eric barrels through the door into a roll, turning the tables. The doorway is a natural bottleneck, but eventually the PCs force their way inside and kill the Ruffians. Illvelios the Druid takes a critical hit, but luckily is in Wolf form, takes little permanent damage.

Sealson claims a setback, per our Inspiration houserules, and fumbles an attack. He’s not OK with this ruthlessness and ambushing, and his hesitation is impacting his fighting.

200 XP. 2 Ruffians.

In the pen are the missing Drendrar family: Mirna, Nars and Nilsa. They tell the PCs what little they know:

  • the leader is a wizard named Glasstaff
  • he has bugbears working for him

Mirna asks the party to recover his husband’s body if possible. In thanks, she also tells them of a hidden family heirloom, an emerald necklace in her old home in Thundertree. She tells the characters where it is hidden, and says that she may have it.

The PCs escort the family to the exit.

Quest Complete. Rescued the Drendrars

100 XP. Rescued the Drendrars

New Quest – recover Mirna’s Hierloom in Thundertree.

Trapped Hallway

This hallway seems lightly used and has suspicious contents: crutches, a litter, rope, and splints. While alerted, the party fails all search rolls, and Eric falls into a 20’ pit trap. Illvelios attempts to get across and also falls in. This trap ends up doing more damage than any enemies.

It turns out that the medical supplies were placed for convenience, as drunk Redbrands themselves routinely fell into the pit. It is a really good trap.

100 XP. Survived trap.

Cellar Entrance

Past the hallway is the normal entrance to this dungeon. It is full of stocks. A large cistern collects drainwater from above. The players search the cistern and find a getaway satchel.

Treasure. Waterproof satchel, potion of healing, potion of invisibility, 50gp, travel clothing.


The party ambushes resting soldiers in the next room. Despite surrendering (and Sealson’s protests), the Redbrands are all killed.

300 XP. 3 Ruffians.

Treasure. 28sp, 12gp, 15ep, 2 garnets with 10gp each.

Common Room

Four drunk Redbrands are gambling here. They are shown no mercy.

400 XP. 4 Ruffians.

Treasure. 75cp, 55sp, 22ep, 15gp, earring worth 30gp

Session End

The group is a little battered but healthy, in the Common Room. There are two unopened doors, one to the north and one to the south. A bubbling sound is heard through the north door. There are no visible enemies, and the party is undetected (as far as they know).

Based on Eric’s bloodthirsty temperament, we decided that the Domain of Life wasn’t a good fit. Eric is now a Cleric of War. :)


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