Session 2b

Walking the Town

Turning in the caravan supplies

The players first morning stop is Barthen’s Provisions. Barthen is thankful that the supplies have been delivered.

He hates the Redbrand Ruffians, and warns the characters to stay away from the Sleeping Giant Taphouse.

Quest complete – deliver supplies.

Treasure – 50gp party

Turning in the rescued supplies

Next, the PCs return the stolen supplies to Lionshield Coster. Valonia loves the selection of great hats and buys a peacock feathered number.

Quest complete – deliver supplies.

Treasure – 50gp party

Visiting the Shrine of Luck

The party visits the Shrine of Luck to find out what happened to Sister Garaele.

Quest complete – talk to Sister Garaele.

Sister Garaele describes her visit to Conyberry, where a reclusive banshee named Agatha lives. Sister Garaele seeks the location of a lost spellbook that Agatha once possessed. While Agatha didn’t appear to the Sister, Garaele has procured a jeweled silver comb and asks the party to try. (Banshees are notoriously vain.) If the party can get any clues from Agatha, Garaele will give the party 3 potions.

New Quest – ask the banshee Agatha about spellbook.

Visiting Alderleaf Farm

The characters head to Alderleaf farm to talk to the boy Carp Aldeleaf. Carp’s mother is Quelline Alderleaf, a kindly and wise halfling. Carp gives directions to a secret tunnel he found. It is likely that the tunnel is a secret entrance to Tresendar Manor ruins, and just as likely the ruins are the headquarters of the Redbrands.

Quelline also suggests that the PCs track down Reidoth, a local druid who knows the local area better than anyone. He may help the party find Cragmaw Castle and/or Wave Echo Cave. He was last seen in Thundertree.

Quest Complete – talk to Carp.
New Quest – find Reidoth the druid in Thundertree.

Edermath Orchard

Quelline also suggests that the characters visit the nearby Edermath Orchard to talk to Daran Edernath, a retired adventurer. He know a lot about the local goings on.

Daran is a retired Paladin, and has taken up painting (badly) as a hobby. His pictures almost universally self-portraints of him smiting foul creatures in gruesomely detailed fashion.

Daran wants the characters to take a stand and dismantle the Redbrands. He knows much about them, including:

In addition, Daran explains that prospectors are being driven away from Old Owl Well by undead. Oddly, the undead just seem to drive off people and don’t pursue outside the immediate area.

Quest Complete – Talk to Daran Edernath.
New Quest – Clear out Old Owl Well.

At this point the players have a full plate, and decide to go to Tresendar Manor to end the Redbrand menace.


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