Session 2a

Home sweet Phandalin


After the first session, the players switched from pre-gens to rolled characters, so we have an all new roster.


The party successfully cleared Cragmaw Hideout. While they didn’t find their kidnapped employer, Gundren Rockseeker, they did rescue Sildar Hallwinter. Sildar knows Gundren, and discloses that Gundren has found the lost Wave Echo Cave. Sildar will reward the party for escorting him to Phandalin, and will also assist the party afterwards.

The party starts play when they enter Phadalin.

Quest complete: – Escort Sildar to Phandalin

Treasure: 50gp party.

Phandalin is the campaign’s main quest hub, so much of their time here will be spent talking to locals.

Settling in

It is late, not much can be done except get lodging for the night. Sildar suggests Stonehill Inn, and the players agree. Luckily for them, it is a busy night, so talking to the locals yields lots of rumors.

Valonia attempts to entertain to pay her way, it doesn’t go over well. Undeterred, she mingles with the crowd and finds all kinds of rumors.

New Quest: Find out why Sister Garaele returned from a recent trip wounded and exhausted.
New Quest: Talk to Daran Edernath. He is a retired adventure, and may know more about local events.
New Quest: Ask the Townmaster about Orc raiders to the east.
New Quest: Rescue the Dendrars. Thel Dendrar, a local woodcarver, was recently murdered by the Redbrand Ruffians, and his wife and children have been kidnapped. Recover his body and rescue his family.
New Quest: Quelline Alderleaf’s son Carp about a secret tunnel he claims to have found.
New Quest: Find out move about the Redbrands, who seem to be terrorizing the town. They don’t mess with Halia Thorton, maybe she knows more.

The players turn in for an uneventful sleep.


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